Is Emu Oil Really Good for Dry and Thinning Hair?


The answer depends on whom you ask. Some people say, “It’s great!” Others say, “What is it?” This blog post takes a deeper look at what seems to be the cure for hair loss.

What Does Emu Oil Do?

It originates from the emu, a grounded bird that primarily lives in the continent of Australia, but can be found in North America as well. The oil comes from a fat pouch that is located on the emu’s back. It is said to have healing powers. Both Aborigines and white settlers use the oil to treat not only hair loss but infected wounds. Furthermore, it contains properties that loosens and soaks in the skin’s pores, allowing for excess dirt and oil to drain out. Many people experience no allergic reactions to the oil whatsoever.

What is the American Emu Association?

The association’s purpose is to promote and educate folks on emu-based products, including emu meat and oil, as a natural alternative to treating hair loss. Since its creation in 1989, AEA did many things like convince USPS to allow overnight shipping of day-old chicks, held countless conventions, and teaching people how to create and run a successful emu farm. The AEA-certified program ensures the products, legitimizing their use and prevents unscrupulous companies from scamming customers with cheap imitations. Plus, each AEA-certified item is stamped with approval, so you know you are getting the real deal.

How to Use Emo Oil?

Using the oil is a no-brainer! Simply rub the recommended dose into your scalp and let it do its thing. It is a great supplement with scalp medication and coconut oil, which makes a powerful combination. For best results, use before bedtime and cover your pillowcase with a towel or cloth or wear a cap to keep your pillow looking nice.

Can It Actually Cure Dry Hair and Loss?

The verdict is in. While emu oil itself does not cure hair loss, the natural chemicals help restore hair follicles, which allow some hair to grow back and prevents rapid hair loss. The verdict is: Emu oil is more of a remedy to a growing problem than the cure to end all cures. Consult a physician or a dermatologist before using, if you are cautious. Ladies and gentlemen, you might want to use a humidifier, if your room is dry and your hair is braided or have dry hair.

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