What Exactly Does Retinol Do for The Skin and What is it?

Retinol Face Cream

So what exactly is it?

Retinol is really a form of Vitamin A. The antioxidants contain a byproduct called retinoic acid. This works to restore damaged skin cells and releasing some of the built-up oil in those cells. Once this happens, the skin cells gradually heal itself and this means healthier skin.

Origins of Retinol

Sometime in 1913, a chemist named Elmer McCollum and a colleague was working in their lab when they made a huge discovery. They discovered that fat from butter and cod liver oil can be made into a nutrient, thus, Retinol was born. Even with that discovery, it was not synthesized until 1947.

Vitamin A for Anti-Aging

Despite the yawns of critics, Vitamin A is for “golden” girls and guys as well. The question is, “Does it turn back the clock” The answer depends on how bad the skin is broken down. Even with its countless natural ingredients, a good UV sunscreen would be need. Of course, this depends on the level of your skin’s tolerance to sunlight and the person’s age. Like with any potion or cream, anti-aging creams must be used with care, as constant itching, reddish-looking rashes and even light scarring. UV sunblock creams work well with the cream.

Compared to Similar Products

Most people find it difficult noticing the difference between a vitamin A cream and similar vitamin-based compounds like retinoid and tretinoin. For example, a retinoid, is a carbolic acid that’s primarily available through a prescription. Tretinoin is another anti-aging drug but is for those who have sensitive skin and allows for gradual tolerance of the drug, with doctor’s recommendation. All three should be used with caution and under a physician’s guidance.

What to expect?

So, you are ready to use Vitamin A serum? What are the benefits of it? You should consider the following before use.

  1. The chemicals can cause some people’s skin to break out, causing an allergic reaction. That is why you should consult with a licensed physician or dermatologist before use. The same applied if you experience any rashes or burns after use.
  2. Use every other day or longer, just to test the waters. Immediately stop use, if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are many benefits of Retinol. One is it rejuvenates skin, making it almost look like new. Another benefit is it is easy to use. Just apply to skin and let it do its thing. Some are available over-the-counter. The more potent ones are available by prescription. For the non-prescribed versions, use as needed or directed. Want to look and feel younger? Its Vitamin A components can be found in most retails stores and online.

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