When You Should Start Using Anti-Aging Products For Your Skin

anti-ageing exfoliation

The truth is that many people, including myself, worry about our outer appearance. We want people to look at us in a positive way and not shake their head in disgust or look the other way at the mere sight of our wrinkles and dry skin. It is true that we should dismiss negative people, there is a way that we could “turn back the clock.” The answer is anti-aging products!

What are anti-aging products?

A question like this would cause people’s minds to go into “huh” mode. The simple idea of turning back the clock 10-20 years is mind-blowing to most. The products are in the form of creams, powders and lotions. Some work better than others. The most commons are Retinol and Synake.

Retinol vs. Synake

Retinol comes in different forms. The least potent version is a moisturizer that soothes cracked or chaffed skin. They are available at most stores and online. The advanced version has the ability to get deep into the skin and loosen oil clogs that prevent healthy skin from growing. Synake is similar to Retinol, in how it works but there is one major difference: It uses snake venom! The less lethal compound of snake venom to tighten flapping skin. Normally, when we smile, laugh or frown, our muscles in our face contracts to match this but overtime, the muscles wear down, causing the skin to lose it elasticity. This means deep, unsightly wrinkles.

When do I use these creams?

That depends on you. The first thing I would say is to prolong the health of your skin. Why? Because healthy people tend to have healthier skin. What I mean is if you’re a heavy smoker or drinker, anti-aging cream would not work very well, as the pores fill with excessive oil. The oil blocks healthy cells from growing. It also prevents the chemical compounds from getting into the pores to release the excess oil and dirt. Basically, they are natural moisturizers for the skin.

How do I use these products?

It is very simple! Just apply the recommended dose to the areas you want to improve (face, arms, legs, stomach, back). These creams contain Vitamin C, a probiotic that works well with our skin. Natural sunlight is full of this Vitamin and 20 minutes of direct sunlight a day is needed as well. Cease immediate use and consult a licensed physician, if you experience any rashes, burns, skin changes and so on.

Do they work?

If you want an honest opinion, you have it! Most dermatologist conclude that wrinkle creams do not work. They have little effect on the skin and are a waste of moolah. Most recommend eating natural foods and drinking clear liquids to improve overall skin health. Walking or jogging regularly also helps to slow down the aging process.

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